Friday, July 18, 2014

Another Robert Hoffman/Angela E-mail

I thought I would share a part of another email from Hoffman/Angela. I had asked him about the break-in at the New York apartment and what he thought happened. I have been doing some asking around..quietly.. and this story was told to another person, and maybe more, besides me. I believe this is where Hoffman got a lot of his documents etc. Kate never struck me as being a type of person that would throw tax records, bills, contracts and family pictures in the trash. Jon was reckless and careless and trusted the person sitting next to him...Hoffman. I doubt even Jon could imagine someone taking pictures of everything and keeping them... for what? I wonder if he will ever reveal all that he photographed and kept that was Jons. I know Hoffman told me he had the 1099's proving Jon was selling stories to the tabs.

Angela Rosario <


 Good morning Sage,

......I don't think anybody was fooled by the NYC break in. Proving it is another story.
FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: After the 'break-in', Jon never returned to the apartment. I was the first and only person to go there again. He let me use it for a few months before they finally had enough and kept me out because the rent hadn't been paid in eight months and they were filing a lawsuit.
Anyway, for reasons I won't share at this time, I photographed every inch of the apartment when I first got there. Jon asked me to bring all of his things home over the weeks and months and I cleaned it out for him. I kept many things for myself that should have been trashed. The two broken vases are nice souvenirs, you know, one that was a 'Ming Dynasty' family heirloom? It's stamped on the bottom and it might as well say Target on it. It doesn't but it's close. Hailey was correct in her assertations that it was their apartment and she was giving Jon er half of the rent to pay. He didn't make a payment for eight months and pocketed the money. The big TV that Hailey took was actually Jon's. That part she lied about. JI have the receipt with his signature on it from Best Buy.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Robert Hoffman's (Angela Rosario) Emails To Me

Some of you have asked me to share Angela/Robert Hoffman emails that he sent me in the months of 2011. The following is part of an email he sent me in response to me asking him who he thought was the better parent, Jon or Kate. I thought about blacking out Ellen's name as she is out of the picture now, but you all know who Jon was with at the time. Please, keep in mind these are Hoffman's words and there is no proof that what he is saying about Ellen is really the truth.





Angela Rosario

to me
Hi, back from baseball.
Sorry, I wasn't asking your name, I guess I mis-worded that. Probably better that you don't tell me so I'm not on the shortlist if you get outed. Several months ago, you must have stirred something up about Jon and he was beside himself trying to find out who you were.

Please understand that I'm fair regarding Jon and Kate. I'm close to him but I could just as easily be close to her. Unfortunately, she doesn't trust anyone associated with Jon, and I don't blame her for this. How about we say anything that I email to you remains between us and vice versa unless we agree otherwise. I like Kate. I respect her drive. I don't agree with many, many, many things she has done that the public knows nothing about but who cares what I think. I don't agree with things she's done to her kids but again, nobody should judge someone until they've walked in their shoes. The kids are well provided for. I like Jon a lot but if you asked me for my opinion, having been around this family, including Kate, for the past several years, who I thought should have custody of the kids, I would say Kate, no question. Not that she's a better parent all though she may well be, but because she's able to better provide for them and the people she has watching the kids, for the most part, are wonderful with them. It was heartbreaking to see Judy leave. She was let go by Kate. Kate no longer trusted her. Kate thought Judy was selling stories to the media, which I know to be not true. The stories were being sold by Jon and Ellen, from information given to them by the twins unknowingly. This is another reason I'm speaking to you. They're using those poor children to get information on Kate and sell to the tabloids.

Here's a sure-fire tell when you see a story released. If it comes from and hollybabble, it came from Jon and Ellen. Cloe Melas came down here in the Summer of 2009 and made a few connections, but it really wasn't until 2010 when Ellen got involved. Ellen and Chloe talk constantly and Ellen sells the stories, with Jon's full permission. They try the big outlets first of course, to get the most money they can, but ultimately, it ends up on Hollywoodlife because nobody else is interested anymore and Jon has lied so many times that even if he's telling the truth, how can you believe him.

I'm Jon's friend but I know he lies to me. Kate once said that Jon listens to whoever is next to him. That couldn't be more true. His undoing came when he ended up in the Hamptons with Michael Lohan who introduced him to the Hellers. They put these big ideas in his head about how he was the real star and he should do this and do that. That was the first and worst bad decision he made.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

What a Coincidence

Recently, the National Enquirer had a story from allegedly one of Kate's former nannies. What a coincidence that it comes out shortly after Robert Hoffman's (we know Bob as Angelia Rosario here) epic long tell all (it rivals in length Gone With The Wind). Didn't read it and don't plan on it. From what I hear of it, I already read some of it in emails from 'Angela' 3 years ago.

Anyhoo, back to the NE. According to some haters (bleeple) the NE does get their stories right, after all they were right about the John Edwards story back in 2007. That to them is a pretty good accuracy percentage. One in thousands of stories before and since. Oh, I admit, it could be more than one. I can't think of one but I am sure there is two more somewhere.

I was at the grocery store this morning and just like a hater I was looking at the magazine rack while waiting in the check out and trying to decide which magazine I was going to turn around and a story jumped out at me about Angelina Jolie. It was on the cover of the latest NE. Yup, there it was Angie caught in a drug den. Heroin, no less, and dirty. Ange and Brad have adopted kids. The NE gets their stories right. We have seen it 7 years ago with Edwards.  With this new enlightenment I am sure their will be outcries from the blog devoted to saving  kids or is it just Gosselin kids that deserve to be saved?

I am looking forward to reading the epic long reason why the Gosselin kids deserve to be saved and the Jolie-Pitt kids do not. Actually, I just lied. I could not read that K+8 recap or any recap she writes. BORING and self serving. Can anyone honestly say they read it? Can a bleeple take a swig of rumspringa and be honest with her and tell her that her recaps suck?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Creeper Robert Hoffman

I saw this and laughed my butt off. Hoffman has his book available on Amazon. Hoffman is such a liar. Check out the last editor he has listed. That is the same name he used to email me for months...'Angela Rosario'.  This tells me that under pressure from all the bleeple on to get an editor he made them up! LOL Haters, don't believe me? ASK HIM!

KATE GOSSELIN: HOW SHE FOOLED THE WORLD - THE RISE AND FALL OF A REALITY TV QUEEN [Kindle Edition] Robert Hoffman , Jacqueline Fox , Lopita Bhakta
, Angela Rosario

Here is part of  emails that Angela/Hoffman sent me. Hoffman is a bullshitter and as I have said he tells you things he thinks you want to hear. I was on to him from the beginning and led him on.  I don't know if what he is saying is true or not but, he was emailing me and had sent me at one time a page from Kate's contract with TLC and pictures of the kids that have never been made public.

 (the 15 he is referring to are the posters at the BLs):

Angela Rosario <


to me

 .....A lot of the 15 posters appear to have mental issues....





Angela Rosario

to me
Jon sells stories to the tabloids as often as they will buy them, period. He brags about how much money he makes from doing it.
I think I mentioned hollybaby before. That was a big deal because when Jon/Ellen sold the story to them about Kate sending days old food to school in the kid's lunches, Kate finally had enough and put her lawyers to work and threats were made to hollywoodlife. They cut off contact with Jon/Ellen, but only temporarily. Now they're back at it again. Chloe Melas was the go-between between holly and Ellen because as I mentioned, she came here and met with Jon back in the day.