Monday, August 18, 2014

TLC Orders New Kate Plus 8 Shows

TLC has ordered new Kate Plus 8 shows to begin airing in December. All I got to say is 'eat it haters'.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

No One Cares

 Summer is winding down and all is quiet for now on the Gosselin front. The book and Hoffman have come and gone and frankly, does anyone care? other than the bleeple and haters? Despite their best efforts the mainstream press did not pick it up, just a few tabs. And Kate? Kate still is living her life. always, open discussion.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hoffman Stalked Kate Gosselin

There are some who do not believe that Kate is right when she says she was stalked.

"Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them." Wikipedia

Hoffman has admitted to going through Kate's trash 3 Christmases in a row to see what she bought and even comments upon the wrapping paper she used. Hoffman admits to being outside of Kate's house for the whole day on Easter Sunday to see how many Easter eggs she put out for the kids and even tweeted to a guest of Kates that he thought her boots she was wearing that day were 'hot'. Hoffman admits to following Kate and the kids to church and following them home and wondered if she could sense that he was watching her. Hoffman admitted to me as Angela of watching Kate run in the rain and how pretty she was.
Then there are the tweets that were tweeted to Kate that speak for themselves.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hoffman Emails: Tries To Control Sage (Fail)

I have been scrolling through the emails from Hoffman that I received back in the spring, summer and fall of 2011. The following says nothing earth shattering but I think gives you a glimpse as to what he is about and how he thinks...control and manipulation.

I was questioning him about the chicken story that he had posted on my blog as 'Al'. He told me it was not him but his 'sister' that did that...right. Same IP. I don't think he knew at the time I had a tracker and was scrambling. He was somewhat angry with me because people on my blog at the time did not believe he was an 'insider' and were questioning him and me.

I was asked at the time to keep the conversation going with him and to say what I had to to do it.

The following email is Hoffman's words and I do not know how truthful some of them are. I did ask someone about Hoffman making the birthday memory picture books and giving them to Kate and I was told that was untrue. Hoffman also sent me a few pictures that he took. I have never seen those pictures published anywhere.

It is the full email and nothing was taken out or edited.

Sageway Express


to Angela
When you wrote in the comments tonight about Jon supposedly lettting the chickens out, it triggered a memory for have posted on the SWE before, as I believe Al. At that time you wrote almost the same thing.
Whats going on?

Angela Rosario

to me
Hi, Just checked email.
Nothing going on at all. This is my first time posting but my sister has posted from the same computer, allowing you to verify the IP address. Not that difficult to do as you know. If I was trying to hide my identity/IP address for whatever reason, I'd email you from Starbucks or another wireless hotspot.
Your bloggers are very loyal to Kate and I knew that going in. I just read some of the comments before checking email only to see speculation that because of the photos I sent, that would mean I'm the fired babysitter and only hear things through someone close to Jon. I think you know better. I would also put out there that if I wanted to hurt Kate as some have implied, why would I communicate with a blog who, besides the diehards, I can't imagine more than 100 people on Earth know exists, no disrespect intended. If my intention was to hurt Kate, or Jamie, or anyone, I would give my information or my proof to 15, or Preesi and let them run with it.

I'm very close to Jon. He's my friend, but like you, I'm not an idiot and not fooled by him in the least. The one thing he is with me is honest and for whatever reason, he chooses to trust me. As much as I like him because he's fun to be around, I'm not a little bit impressed by his decision making. He's not a good parent as far as being nurturing and putting his children's needs before his. Ellen is not a good future parent. She's young an immature. She makes jokes about some of the little kids that a parent would find repulsive, as I do.

I have no motive whatsoever in posting on your blog and the information I've given you has been only to proove my closeness to the situation. I'm Jon's only real friend right now, besides Ellen. I helped him move out of Kate's house. I helped him move into and out of his apartment. I helped him move into his new house. Just he and I. There is nobody else. I make no money from this family at all and never have. I've loaned Jon money to fill his gas tank and buy food for the kids during his custody. To date, Jon owes me a lot of money. I don't care about that because I know he's in a bad spot right now and he's taking care of 8 kids.

I photographed the sextuplets 6th and 7th birthday parties at Jon's - and gave Kate photo books to keep as cherished memories. If I had motives, those photos would have been seen by the public, no?

I've photographed Jon and Ellen for the past year for Jon to sell the images to the tabloids to make money to pay his bills and pay his child support. The first image you saw of Ellen, from the Green Turtle in Maryland, was taken by me. 

I know Jon's family very well and I know Kate's most trusted nanny and the kid's favorite nanny in the world that has since been let go, very well. I know Kate's long-time handyman, very well.

I was just looking to talk and you've really done nothing to confirm to your people 100% that I'm legit.

I'd be more than happy to put my identity on the table for you all, but why would I, when I'm communicating with people named Sage, CoCoPuff, BarHopper, Zorro etc.

Here are 2 photos (second coming in sep. email as it's too large for you I think.) that have never been seen, from this past Winter. THey needed money but nobody was interested in purchasing them from Jon and Ellen. I take the pictures, put them on a disc and give them to them to sell.
If you check the image numbers, you'll see I sent one from the beginning and end of the set. There were 301 images in between of them enjoying a day in town. 

I'd like you put to rest on your blog once and for all whether or not I'm close to the situation and please once and for all clear up that I've stated from the very beginning that I was close to Jon and not Kate. But whether you or anyone else wants to believe it, there is NOBODY here close to Kate. Nothing I say about Kate comes directly from Jon. Please also find a way to put that to rest. As I've told you, I hear Kate on speakerphone. I don't hear stories from Jon.

I'm going out to enjoy a few baseball games with family. You decide how you want to handle it. I'm not mad at you. Just frustrated.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hoffman Writes He Can Picture Jon Hacking Kate's Email

More emails from Hoffman posing as Angela Rosario. Below is part of the emails that were sent to me. Hoffman mentions two of the kids by name. I have blocked these out. That is the ONLY change I made to Hoffman's words. I have included the emails I sent to him in this exchange. At that time, I was asked to try to get as much information I could from him.

Sageway Express <>


 to Angela
 In watching that rumor fix video again I see that it is someone from rumorfix asking Jon questions over the speaker phone. How cheap and tacky is that? I am sure Ellen was manning the video.
I think it is great Kate has a website, she should have been doing this all along. I am sure the haters are going to try and sabotage it.

That reminds it true Jon used to hack into Kate's email and cell phone?

Angela Rosario <


 to me
Whenever there's a story about Jon, look for Panda trashing him. That's Hailey. Panda was Hailey's nickname for Jon. Asian teddybear.
I'm very disappointed that Kate went straight into exposing the kids on this new Web site. Not even a brief rest from keeping them in the public eye.
Steve gets paid $800 a day base pay to be with Kate. I'd stay loyal to her as well. Is he retired from his company?
Isn't this the guy who used to train special forces and once protected President Clinton? Seems a strange career path he's chosen.

Jon said he used to do all of that but I never saw any evidence of it. Steph Santoro was the one who sold that story to the tabloids. I certainly can picture him doing it.

Angela Rosario <

You know I don't remember Ellen's. It'll come to me. It wasn't clever. Knowing how sick she is, she probably has many different names.
A big panda teddybear was one of things that got butchered in Jon's NYC apartment. It was funny.
I think Ellen is a greedy, manipulative ass, but the world is full of them. I don't like her because of the way she treats the kids.

Sageway Express <>


to Angela
So, does she treat the kids bad or does she treat them how a 25 yo girlfriend of the dad would? How much did TLC offer Jon...shocked that he turned it down. He can't be making much in IT work.

Angela Rosario <


to me
She treats them badly. More like an angry14-year-old girl would. I told you before about her making fun of ****** for being stupid and for **** for being gay. Who would talk about a child like that. Jon did it right along with her, in front of me.